Business English & IELTS Tutor
Business English & IELTS 
Writing & Editing

I write original copy for websites, manuals, company brochures etc, and I edit and polish copy which has been translated into English by a native speaker of the source language. 

Current projects include writing and editing for:

A global food company 

The translation arm of a leading internet business

A Russian computer game designer

An intelligent security system manufacturer

A major Chinese mobile phone firm

An Egyptian legal practice 


I use the Smartcat tool for much of this work, and can recommend it for translation, localisation, and language services companies:


I have over 40 years experience in business and am a TEFL qualified English tutor. In addition to English lessons designed with your needs as a priority, I will also share my experiences and give you valuable insights into Western business culture.


If you want to learn English, improve your English speaking or English writing skills then please contact me for a free Needs Analysis. This will help me to plan your individually designed English lessons. 

We can work together via video link or email at a time to suit you. It is an efficient and surprisingly affordable way to learn.

As an IELTS Grade A Certified teacher, I can help you to achieve success in this important qualification.

Speech therapy lessons can help you speak English with confidence. Be a success at business meetings and social events!




菲利普·布莱尔(Philip Bryer)先生拥有 40 多年商务经验,并且是具有 TEFL 资质的英语教员。除了根据您的需求量身定制的英文课程,他还能够与您分享他的商务经验,让您更加了解西方世界的商业文化。


















An experienced copywriter, editor, and proofreader, I am also a qualified TEFL Business English Tutor and IELTS coach.  

I run another website to showcase my creative work

There is plenty of free content and the opportunity to buy books, so why not pay a visit?



A copy editor at work...

A tongue-twister is a useful tool you can use to improve your English pronunciation.
Say the phrase out loud and with emphasis - project the words like you would if you were acting in a play.
Try saying this one 3 times in a row:
Fred fed Ted bread, and Ted fed Fred bread.
Tip: It's a good idea to start slowly and build up speed when you have gained in confidence.

Fancy unscrambling some words? Give instawordz a try:


You're in an office reception area waiting for an English person who you haven't met before. The English person appears, shakes hands, and says, "Brrr! It's cold out there".

You might be thinking, I've never met this person before and the first thing they say to me is a complaint. But relax, they're not complaining. For an English person a few words about the weather are a safe way of opening a conversation, so it's best to offer a sympathetic shiver and agree with them.


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